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My approach to everything computers has traditionally been minimalistic. I detest bloat. Modern websites tend towards such bloat that they load slow even on modern computer hardware, and function so poorly on older hardware that they are impracticle, if not impossible to use.

I want my website to load and display on your computer device no matter how old or slow it may be. Yet I want my website to look nice and be accessible by modern computer hardware. And I want it to look nice when viewed on a tablet or phone.

To this end I have coded my website by hand to reduce "bloat" while still maintaining a pleasing, modern look and feel. A good example of this are the videos you'll see on my website. They appear to be embedded into my webpages. They are not! Embedded videos tend to slow down or crash older, slower computers and phones. To get around this I display a picture of a video which is actually a link to where that video is found on YouTube, where most devices, no matter how old or slow, can view them to their best ability.

I have employed other strategies as well, all designed with these goals in mind. I may be the only peson on the planet who looks at web design like I do. It wouldn't be the only way I'm unique. :)

-Raymond Cool

Blog Articles


Why Wheat Haters Have It Wrong

Spelt Pizza

I talk to many people who are convinced that wheat is unhealthy, and many claim to be allergic to gluten, or have an intolerance to it. I believe most of them are mistaken.

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Looking Back: May 5th, 2013


I first shared this photo almost 3 years ago. It was a day of exciteme and wonderment! For the first time since Junior High School I weighed less than 200 pounds!

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Where In The World Is Raymond Cool?

Picture of Raymond Cool

Two years ago Raymond Cool arrived on the scene with aplomb. News of his phenomenal 300 pound weight loss journey...

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Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy

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Myths About Diet & Weight Loss

Raymond Cool on Evening Magazine

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A Brief Introduction

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